who am I? Rewind

I was born 1963 and got my first guitar at the age of 4, bought my first electric guitar at 10 yo.

But I thought that my distpedal was a little weak so I draw a cable to the high voltage contact instead.

Dad's house went black and on my guitarstrings you could barbecue ribs……ooops!

At the year of 12 I went on a tour to Wermland, and when my parents went skiing I stayed at home and found a record with four guys crossing a road on the cover, one of them had no shoes, it was of course "Abbey Road by Beatles"I put it on and the life I knew cease to be. Ssschk dockididock dobididobididobidi....

Example of bands i´ve played in:

1985 Halloween Style: Symphonic Rock

members: JF, T K, J K och Carl Westholm (keyboards)WWW.carptree.com


Musicex: JFMusik\Zodiac.mp3JFMusik\Exodus.mp3


1988 4Us Style: Progressive Pop

medlemmar: JF, J Källsbäck, Mattias Hjorth (bas), Fredrik Dahlin (keyboard) , Niklas Flinck (vocal)www.carptree.com

Additional member: Fredrik Ljungqvist (sax)www.yunkan.se


  Musikexempel: JFMusik\MrBagger.mp3JFMusik\Shes a fairy.mp3JFMusik\Time can wait.mp3


1991 JR Socks ( also called Big Umbrella) style Straight Rock & Pop members: JF, Ralph Thegge (drum), Dan Högberg (bas), N Flinck (vocal) F Dahlin (keyboard)

Musicex: JFMusik\Under the sun.mp3

JFMusik\Always in the morning.mp3

JFMusik\Animalwar Mind in orbit.mp3



 The perfect tourbuss?

The glorius 80

NSS (New City Big Band) Check out our new CD