Studio "Wobbegong" Rewind

Studio Wobbegong has so far produced 3 CD album.

"Secret room" (2003) is Relaxing music. But also a musical story throughout inspiring pieces.

Musikexempel: JFMusik\pororoca.mp3 JFMusik\Denindiska.mp3 JFMusik\Tiburonandante.mp3




"Second home" is a big band production.

The New City Big Band (wich im a member of) recorded this CD between 2006 and 2007. I composed 4 of them, and arranged 6 songs. (Looking for something is an old Carptree -song written by Niclas Flinck & Carl Westholm )

Ex JFMusik\walleyewaltz.mp3 JFMusik\Storardin.mp3 JFMusik\Brothers.mp3




Kontaktannonsen (poems of and with Lars Kihlbom)

2004 produced a cd with Lars Kihlbom.

Lars is a great poet and has a very special voice.

Ex JFMusik\Sommarkväll.mp3 JFMusik\Hästen.mp3 JFMusik\Torstensson.mp3

Next production of my own will likely be a funky jazz&fusion cd.


Previous projekt

1983: JOJO JFMusik\theend.mp3



1987: Synthphonia nr 2 JFMusik\Africansun.mp3 JFMusik\Bigben.mp3


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